• It's A Grind: How To Choose The Right Beans For Your Coffee

    If you're tired of coffee that all tastes the same, it's time to go to the source. It's time to grind your own coffee beans. Buying your own coffee beans is the best way to ensure a quality cup of coffee, every time. It's also a great way to experiment with coffee flavor. If you've never purchased coffee beans before, you'll need to do your homework. Here are some steps that will help you choose the perfect beans for your coffee.
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  • 4 Unique Ways To Eat Pulled Pork At Barbecue Restaurants

    A staple at many barbecue restaurants is pulled pork. The meat soaks up barbecue sauces and includes a lot of layers of flavor. When you eat pulled pork, the meat is typically served on a sandwich or on its own. When you order pulled pork at BBQ restaurants, consider different ways to enjoy the meat. Learn about some of your options and try some out the next time you dine at a barbecue restaurant.
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