4 Ways To Improve The Customer Experience At Your Bar

Posted on: 6 December 2017

In order for a restaurant to be successful, it needs to be great in every area. If your establishment also has a bar, this means that your bar services need to be just as good as the menu and customer service you deliver in the rest of your restaurant or business. Here are some of the steps you can take to improve the bar experience for each of your customers.

Train Your Staff

There are few things customers hate more than a bartender who isn't familiar with their job. Teaching the bartender how to prepare their favorite cocktail isn't what customers envision when they think about a fun night out. Not only is this not enjoyable, but it could prevent someone from returning. Ensure each of your team members is trained on how to make popular cocktails and other selections you have at the bar. This training will provide a better customer experience and their ability to upsell.

Offer Regular Specials

Offer your customers regular specials, such as half off on Mondays, for example. Everyone wants to have a great time, but more people want to save money. When you offer specials, you encourage customers to keep coming back. Sit down with your bar staff to compile a list of popular beverages. Based on this list, create a weekly schedule. Post the full special list in the bar area so that customers can see what days they want to return to take advantage of these deals.

Rely on High-Quality Ingredients

Only rely on high-quality ingredients. Although the goal is to keep your expenses low to keep your profits higher, don't aim to achieve this goal by relying on low-quality selections, as your customers will be able to recognize the difference and this could send them away. For example, low-quality grenadine syrup is often heavy and thick, which can affect the overall taste of a drink. Higher quality syrup selections, like grenadine syrup and others,  have a smoother taste. So make sure you're working with high quality food suppliers.

Host Events

In addition to offering regular specials, it's also a great idea to host different events. This step is especially helpful on those days when business is typically slow. For example, you could host a wine tasting event or a "beers from around the world" event. These events attract existing and new customers, give them an opportunity to see what you offer, and helps drive up business on an otherwise slow day.

Make sure you're taking steps to improve your customer's experience.