3 Creative Ideas For Food Writers

Posted on: 6 April 2022

As a food writer, you may sometimes tire of rehashing the same type of story, again and again. You write about a new restaurant, a new grocery store, or a recipe that's making waves on the internet. These pieces are interesting to your readers, and you've probably grown skilled at writing them. But sometimes, you just want to break out of the box and write something more creative. That's where these creative food writing ideas will come in handy.

Feature a Food

Choose a specific food to write about in detail. This could be a type of cheese, a brand of crackers, or even a specific vegetable. Talk about the food's history, how it is used today, and its meaning in the lives of different people. If you really want to get creative here, you could write about the food as you would a person—a sort of biography, if you will. Another fun idea would be to include several recipes that call for the featured food at the end of your article. This gives the readers something hands-on to engage with, as they can then make those recipes.

Feature a Cooking Style

There are so many different ways to cook food, from sauteeing to deep frying. Why not take a deep dive and write, in detail, about one of these styles? You could research and write about the history of the cooking style, how it is used in different cultures, and ways it has changed over the years. Include some tips for new cooks who want to start using the style, too.

Write About a Location

Another idea is to start with a location—maybe a specific town, or perhaps even a neighborhood within that town—and then write about the food history and culture of that location. You could interview people who live there about their favorite dishes and how their families cook. Stop by a few restaurants to see what they are serving. If the neighborhood has some small grocery stores and food shops, the owners of those shops will often be happy to share details of their history and work.

Working as a food writer can be amazing, but sometimes, you might need a little inspiration. For additional ideas and inspiration, read some food blogs from other food writers such as Nonya Global. Turn to one or more of the creative ideas above, and run with it. You can add your own touches, as needed, to shake things up and keep your writing personal.