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Creative Catered Wedding Reception Food Ideas

If you're planning a wedding reception and want to treat your guests something other than a traditional sit-down dinner, consider a creative, unconventional alternative. Ranging from whimsical to elegant, there are plenty of unique wedding food ideas to try.

No matter what your budget is if you have your wedding reception professionally catered, you may need to think outside of the box when putting the menu together. If money is tight, have just the appetizers or desserts catered, or provide all finger foods as a fun, casual touch. 

Another way to save money when having your special event catered with unexpected sweet and savory treats is to have the food double as wedding favors. Guests can either enjoy them at the reception or take them home to snack on later. You can also place the food in packagings, such as canning jars or small baskets, that your friends and family members can reuse.

Here are some creative catered wedding reception ideas to get you started:


1. Personal Pizzas 

Tempt guests' taste buds with a bite or two of pizza, which you can place in small cardboard boxes printed with the wedding day details and a picture of you and your spouse. Set one at each guests' place setting or have them choose their own at a buffet-style table. To please everyone, stick with basic toppings such as plain cheese or pepperoni.

2. Popcorn Bar

Another fun way to get the party started with a popcorn bar filled with glass apothecary jars of freshly-popped popcorn and a variety of traditional and gourmet toppings. Include shakers of powdered cheese, rich caramel sauce or truffle oil. You can also provide mix-ins such as chocolate candies and nuts, as well as paper bags which guests can fill with their customized treats.

3. Soup Shots

Fill small plastic shot glasses with a few different types of soups, such as butternut squash bisque or lentil vegetable, which guests can easily sip while mixing and mingling. Include a few toppings such as sour cream or croutons, depending on the type of soup you're serving.


1. S'mores 

Especially fitting for a summer wedding, s'mores make ideal dessert options for guests-on-the-go. The wedding catering company can make the individual desserts ahead of time but sandwiching toasted marshmallow and chocolate between graham crackers, and party-goers can enjoy them while talking or in between dance songs.

2. Milk and Cookies

As another sweet throwback to childhood, place homemade chocolate chip cookies on top of small milk-filled glasses, and either place one by each place setting or set them up on a grab-and-go station. 

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