Providing Ice For Your Next Event

Posted on: 6 February 2020

When you are hosting a large event, there will be many different details that you will have to manage. While much of your attention may be devoted to the decorations and logistics for the event, you will want to be sure that you are also providing enough ice for the attendees. Otherwise, you may run out of ice for beverages for the guests, which could be an embarrassing and highly disruptive problem.

Provide More Ice For Longer Events

Determining the amount of ice that you will need for the event can be a challenge. However, most people will simply follow the guidelines of providing one pound of ice per guest. While this is perfectly reasonable for shorter events, people will often fail to consider the need to provide more ice for longer events. In addition to individuals potentially needing more ice, it is also necessary to account for any melting that may occur over the course of the event. For events that last more than a few hours, this melting could contribute to a sizable amount of ice loss.

Have A Suitable Storage Container

For storing event ice, individuals may choose to only use a plastic Styrofoam container. Unfortunately, these devices can be ineffective for this task as they will still allow a considerable amount of melting to occur. When making arrangements for ice for large events or those that will last for very long periods of time, it may be necessary to opt for a storage container that is refrigerated. You will need to provide generators or other power sources for these coolers, but they can be invaluable to preserving your ice for long events or those that are held on extremely hot days.

Appreciate The Needs Of Display Ice Pieces

When individuals are wanting to make an impact, it can be a popular approach to have a display ice sculpture be a centerpiece of their event. This type of event ice will have very different needs than the ice that you are planning on serving. In addition to positioning it where it will be easily seen, you must also keep it away from direct sources of heat. Some of these sculptures will benefit from having a refrigerated base. This will not completely stop the melting process, but it can help to slow it. There will also need to be drainage devices placed around the sculpture so that any runoff from it will not get into the floor and pose a slipping hazard.